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Vanishing Mountain?
April 25, 2007, 9:54 pm
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On Janurary 8, 2005, a reporter and photographer from El Imparcial, a Mexican newspaper in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico alerted the public to something very unusual. Apparently, they spotted two UFO’s while driving along a coastal highway. The two individuals followed the objects until they stalled over the Sierra de Cirios mountain range. What they reported seeing next is truly strange.

As the UFO’s hovered over the range, the two individuals took a series of photographs. The photographs below were the three published in El Imparcial. The description of the events as they witnessed them are almost impossible to believe. The photos themselves are a bit suspect. If anything, this is one of the most ‘out-there’ UFO phenomenon I’ve read about in some time.

The images below show timestamps that were obviously added at a later time. Looks like the newspaper might have done that just to show continuity. Regardless, the captions translate to such:

8:56 – “Sierra de los Cirios apparently changes its physical shape”
9:02 – “The floating object on the left begins to drop material onto the hilltop. This is one of 12 images taken that recorded the changes.”
9:07 – “The change in elevation of the hilltop on the right can be seen here and the formations on the left have changed shape.”

Of particular question is the blurry formation over the wide mesas on the right of the photograph. For a split second I thought they may be clouds but the formation seems to blend seamlessly with the mesa. It doesn’t help that the photos are of bad quality. So what could it be? …An optical illusion, hoax, or real UFO terraforming?

Vanishing Mountain

I’d say optical illusion created by intense heat. Although this occurred in January, Hermosillo, Mexico is hot, and 90 degree heat in January wouldn’t be a surprise. That type of illusion happens to me all the time driving in 104 degree weather here in Texas. Especially while driving on long-stretched highways.

What do you think?


The Greatest Story Ever Denied
January 16, 2007, 6:28 am
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The Battle of L.A.

Ever heard of it?

If you’re not familiar with what I’m taking about, you’re not alone. On Wednesday, February 25, 1942 a barrage of fire rang over Los Angeles County cities such as Culver and Santa Monica. It was approximately 2:25 A.M. when a blackout rolled over Los Angeles County and air-raid sirens awoke about a million people. At 3:36 A.M., Army anti-aircraft batteries began firing nearly 2,000 rounds of 12 pound, high explosive shells into the air at a cigar-shaped object. The barrage lasted for one hour. Many witnesses reported shells hitting it the object directly, but it appeared to sustain no damage. The craft moved slowly like a blimp, taking 30 minutes to move just 20 miles. The object (it was estimated) received 1430 rounds, yet no aircraft was ever shot down. Many believed it was the Japanese, and rightfully so with war raging in Europe and Asia. The military claimed “false alarm” and said there was never any object. (And I always wanted to say this…) THEN HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THIS!?

(Actual pictures of said incident. Looks like something to me! The original print has been analyzed thoroughly and there is a great description of the process here:

The first picture below is the Original LA Times Negative. The photo shows Army searchlights illuminating the object. Photo analysis has proven its authenticity. The searchlights have also been analyzed and it is clear that they are indeed hitting the object. That is, if the object was some type of crazy illusion, the searchlights would have gone right through the object. However, the searchlights are clearly converging on something.

This if from LA Times Microfilm


I know everything isn’t exactly readable, but here are some LA Times articles following the barrage.

There’s so much more to the story and I will definitely share it sometime. When it’s not 1am. For now, google your hearts away if you want more info OR just sit back and watch the video below. I know it’s long but at around 6 minutes, it speaks about the Battle. Remember, not all of it is about the LA incident, but nontheless, a GREAT documentary bringing together some of the very best issues regarding ufos and extraterrestrials.